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Natural Chemistry strives to provide naturally based solutions to common problems, making their products quick and easy to implement and provide treatment for specific problems.

They also provide a wide variety of products to cater to a variety of needs, overall improving the lives of pets, pools and spas.

  • PhosFree – reduces phosphates down to near zero
  • Pool Perfect + PhosFree – maintains phosphate level near zero, cleans waterline and filter while reducing surface oils and other non-living organics
  • Spa Calcium Hardness Increaser – brings calcium hardness level to an ideal range and reduces cloudy water caused by low calcium levels
  • Pool Magic + PhosFree – specifically formulated for cold water application, speeds clean up and can be used under pool winter covers
  • PhosFloc – reduces phosphate levels over 2500 ppb to more manageable levels
  • Pool Perfect – naturally cleans pool water and surfaces, gives water a soft silky feel while reducing waterline rings and surface oils
  • Pool First Aid – cleans up dead algae, pollen and other forms of non-living organic contamination
  • Pool Magic – reduces or eliminates off season waterline ring build-up and preserves liner and pool finishes
  • Purge – restores pool and large spa plumbing to original condition and helps reduce or eliminate clogged filters, foaming, bad odors, waterline rings and more
  • Scale Free – compatible with all pool surfaces, prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up and controls metal staining
  • Metal Free – deactivates iron, copper, and other traces of minerals, prevents stains and water discoloration and prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up
  • StainFree – an all natural way to eliminate staining that’s effective on vinyl and fiberglass surfaces
  • Clear – all natural chitosan based clarifier
  • Clear and Perfect – quickly clears dull water
  • Instant Conditioner – Dissolves instantly, protects chlorine instantly, will not harm any equipment or pool surfaces
  • Salt Water Magic Liquid – optimizes generator performance and increases the life of the cell
  • Cell Protect – prevents calcium deposits
  • Salt Shock Oxidizer – saves energy and extends equipment life by lowers pH and acid demand
  • Salt Water Magic – reduces phosphate levels, minimizes maintenance and scrubbing
  • CoverFree – excellent surface tension helps product remain in place, conserves water and heating energy with an invisible barrier
  • Filter Perfect – improves filter efficiency, longer filter runs
  • Clean and Perfect – removes grease, grime, soot, residue from mildew, waterline rings, leaf stains, pet stains and dead insects
  • Spa Perfect – enhances all sanitizing systems, makes water feel soft and silky
  • Spa Purge – restores plumbing to original condition
  • Spa Stain & Scale – prevents calcium and mineral deposits and controls staining due to metal content
  • Spa MetalFree – Prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up and controls staining
  • Spa Foundation – enhances all sanitizing systems, improves efficiency of other products in spa water
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