professional pool & spa


  • Brominating Concentrate – one step fast dissolving brominating grnaules that act as both sanitizer and oxidizer
  • Brominating Tablets – compressed 1″ tablets provide long lasting sanitizing protection
  • Chlorinating Concentrate – fast acting granular stabilized chlorinator that acts both as a sanitizer and oxidizer


  • Alkalinity Increaser – raises alkalinity to protect spa water from sudden changes in pH
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser – helps prevent corrosion of spa equipment and surfaces
  • pH Anchor – establishes and maintains proper pH reading in spas, softens water and eliminates the need for other balancing products
  • pH Decreaser – lowers pH and total alkalinity
  • pH Increaser – raises pH and protects corrosion of equipment


  • Defoamer – quickly eliminates and prevents foaming in spa water
  • Enzyme Cleaner – liquid enzyme formula that breaks down oils and greases in spa water
  • Filter Cleaner – removes oil, grease, and other debris from spa filters to enhance filtration and improve water clarity
  • Spa Cover Wipes – protect your cover and restore its luster
  • Spa Shock – non-chlorine granular shock treatment for spas and hot tubs, removed unwanted organic compounds from spa water
  • Spa Shock Xtra – it’s a multipurpose shock that restores water sparkle and removes unpleasant odors in spa water
  • Spa Surface Cleaner – thick, effective cleaner for removing oils, dirt and debris from all spa surfaces, non-abrasive
  • Stain & Scale Control – liquid formula prevents stains from dissolved metals, also prevents scale formation
  • Water Clarifier – clears cloudy water by helping filter collect floating particles